Excellence in Exhibition Workshops...

Trade opportunities can be greatly enhanced by the correct preparation of not only the stand but also the promoters at an exhibition or promotion. As a specialist exhibition and promotion supply company, we have designed this concise workshop to adequately address this very real need. We offer this training to companies who want to run their own promotion using their own staff. Contact us by phone or email with your enquiries, or download the exhibition workshop booking form and fax or email it (as attachment) back to us.

Overcoming Indifference

Overcoming promoter apathy is a major challenge for all exhibitors. Ongoing observation reveals that exhibition indifference and boredom is a major factor that has to be addressed by all exhibitors.


Sessions are customised according to your needs and take the form of short, punchy interactive sessions. Active participation by all is encouraged. The benefits are enormous and multi-disciplinary. The take-home value is enormous!


  • Principles of self-motivation
  • Personality profiles - promoter interfacing with the Prospect
  • Evaluating the opportunity/event
  • Determining the exhibition/promotion objective
  • Define target group
  • Forward planning
  • Creative concept, design and layout
  • Promoter selection
  • Promoter training & communication
  • Engagement techniques
  • Exhibition/promotion strategy
  • Visitor/consumer reception cycle
  • Documenting visitor/consumer data
  • Exhibition/promotion performance management
  • Post event follow-up


The programme is presented on your premises by one of our senior Promotionettes or team members.